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For over 10 years we have dedicated ourselves to nature and its uniqueness.

Following our foundation in 2005, we, as one of the professional shrink film manufacturers, wanted to contribute to the conservation of resources and the ecological balance by focusing on recycling.




Years of experience










We are still convinced that nature is the best recycler with a perfectly functioning closed loop system. This belief laid the foundation for the actual development of biodegradable materials.


We offer complete solutions tailored on the individual customer requirements and we represent the most important world leading producers of plastic films.


We serve clients all across Europe, Middle East, South American, etc., offering high quality films and the most recent product innovations in the shrink sleeve packaging, pharmaceutical industries and biodegradable materials.


We have gained ISO 9001, RoHS, Reach certification and Food contact certicate. Due to the high and stable quality, our products always enjoy high reputation at home and oversea, and sold to more than 30 countries.

Founder Introduction

Hilo Wan Founder


As a sales manager, it pains us to hear that anyone has had a negative experience with the product and the service, but no any improved action. So I though of the concept to found our own factory with the professional production team and professional sales team, just for “Honesty” and “ Authentic”. As with everything we do, we take product development, product seriously, customer service here at HYF.


“Think, Process, Details, Summary” to do everything best.


Our existence is built on quality and reliability. We insist on maintaining high ethical standards and treating our customers with respect. Our ultimate promise is making good qualified product in competitive price and the best service for customers.   


Over the past more than ten years, I really appreciated our dedicated team of employees, we are a big family, who carefully reviewed our product based on our own experience and customer feedback, to make sure that it meets our highest standards prior to release.


We care about taking every effort possible to ensure that every product produced in reliable quality & competitive price. That said, what matters most to us is your trust and confidence. We’re passionate about living up to your expectations as much as our own.


HIGH QUALITY and BEST SERVICE is our goal all the time.


Professional Heat Shrinkable Film Manufacturer Since 2005

World's Most Advanced Production Machine - BRÜCKNER Most Advanced Chinese Blown Machine
Wide competence and experience Our Team develops complete solutions in order to meet all requirements, offering your business flexibility and agility in responding to the changing market demands.
Responsibility to every customer HYF offers you highly experienced technical support from pre-print until the product application for current and new projects with your end clients, confidentiality.
Reliability and in time delivery HYF offers financial and production planning and delivery.


Company Culture

Company Values

Our Values = Our DNA

Company Mission



Our company acquired in 2013 the ISO9001 (quality management system) delivered by the Agency for International Standardization. We do efforts to provide high-quality products and to reduce the effects on environment, by permanent exercise of standards. And our products are all certified by the authority agency:


PETG shrink film is fully in line with EU requirements by getting the certificate of RoHS, Reach and EU food contact, issued by TUV.

PLA shrink film and PLA film are certified also by TUV as bio-degradable material.

PVC shrink film is tested by the SGS, MA.


As a result, HYF can continuously develop products of high quality, high efficiency and high safety standards.

  • Food Contact-EU No 102011
    Food Contact-EU No 102011
  • Reach (SVHC191)
    Reach (SVHC191)
  • Composting For Qualitative Evaluation
    Composting For Qualitative Evaluation
  • Test Report
    Test Report
  • Test Report1
    Test Report1
  • Test Report2
    Test Report2
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