PETG Shrink Film

PETG (Glycol-modified Polyetthylene Teraphthalate) is an amorphous plastic resin of the polyster family. Due to its 78% shrinkage, highest among all shrink sleeve material, PETG shrink film is an ideal solution for container shrink film that have complex geometries and require superior printability. Compared to other material, PETG resin is much more environmentally friendly making it a perfect solution for companies looking to switch from more harmful materials such as PVC. Since PETG's shrinkage occurs at a lower temperature than material like PVC and OPS, there is the added benefit of higher energy efficiency and productivity.


And we have three types of PETG shrink film: Transparent, Matt, White, which is widely used to make full or partial body shrink sleeves, multi-packs, tamper-evident bands, wine capsules and disk plates, pressure-sensitive shrink labels, etc.

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