Floating heat shrinkable film design promotes plastic bottle recycling

by:HYF     2021-03-06
Floating heat shrinkable film design promotes plastic bottle recycling Release time: 2018-03-23 u200bu200b  Plasfilms, a polymer distributor based in the UK, is part of the Plasposit Group. Recently, the company introduced a new polypropylene film from Taghleef Industries (Ti) specifically for heat shrinkable film (HSF) applications. As the official distributor of Ti products in the UK, Plasfilms pointed out that low-density polyolefin polymers make HSF a transparent and floatable film that can minimize the impact on the PET recycling system and reduce the weight of labels.   Alan Moules, head of Plasfilms, explained that the product is not currently sold in other parts of the UK. The data on the transverse (TD) shrinkage curve is good, and a shrinkage rate of up to 65% can be guaranteed. This performance not only explores the potential of 360-degree label design, but also can mark empty and thin containers, while avoiding the risk of squeezing.  According to Moules, this new type of heat shrinkable film is not only highly innovative, but also provides end users with truly recyclable products. He said: 'We maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with Taghleef Industries. They are committed to developing and providing alternative packaging solutions. This helps to improve the sustainability of current plastic packaging and means that we will always be ahead of our competitors.' One: How to place the barcode of the heat shrinkable film label?
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