Heat shrinkable film can be used for the transportation of a variety of products

by:HYF     2021-03-02
PVC shrink film label is a part of the label market. It is currently undergoing rapid growth and its market share is expanding. The annual growth rate is expected to be about 15%, which exceeds the annual growth rate of about 5% in the general label market. PVC shrink film With the characteristics and huge development prospects, it has become a highlight of the label printing industry. It is predicted that the domestic heat shrinkable film market will grow at a rate of more than 20% in the next five years. The manufacturing of pvc shrink film labels requires high process technology, especially when printing pvc shrink film, how to control the drying temperature is very important. For general water-based and solvent-based inks, the drying temperature is too high. , The material undergoes heat shrinkage; if the temperature is too low, the ink is not completely dried, causing problems such as adhesion and dirt on the back. Therefore, the process is quite complicated and the reject rate is high. As for the UV curing and drying technology, the ink will form a network of crosslinks in an instant under the action of ultraviolet energy, and the ink will cure quickly without affecting the temperature of the printing material. The unique cold curing system is very suitable for labeling heat-sensitive materials. manufacture. The current ** production process has three processes. It is made from polyethylene and co-polypropylene as the main raw materials, added with additives, and processed by co-extrusion blow molding. This process is different from the traditional process because the melt performance is poor, so The double bubble process is used internationally. It is also called the Prandi process. Its principle is to extrude the raw materials from different machines, pass through a co-extrusion die, form and then quench, and then heat and stretch again. product. The PVC shrink film we produce has various specifications, the general thickness ranges from 12μm to 30μm, and the common thicknesses are available. The width specifications are determined by the customer. It remains soft under a temperature difference of 150 degrees, suitable for storage and transportation of various packaging. The raw materials are environmentally friendly and used for food packaging. 1. The PVC heat shrinkable film has high strength and large elasticity, which can be tightly wrapped around any geometric shape of goods, and it can avoid the damage to the goods caused by bundling, and has good anti-loosening, rain-proof and dust-proof effects. 2. PVC heat shrinkable film can use high-performance resin and auxiliary materials to meet the needs of different users. 3. PVC heat shrinkable film stretch packaging saves raw materials than shrink packaging, and does not require a heat shrink packaging machine to save energy. 4. The heat shrinkable film manufacturer reminds you that PVC heat shrinkable film is suitable for a variety of product packaging requirements. It can manufacture single-sided adhesive products, reduce noise during winding and stretching, and reduce dust and sand during transportation. The heat shrinkable film can be used for the transportation of a variety of products, which can protect the product. Because the shrinkage performance of the heat shrinkable film is better, it has been loved by the majority of people. **The heat shrinkable film manufacturer brings you the inspection of the heat shrinkable film. Standard, let's take a look. 1. When inspecting the heat shrinkable film, first look at the surface of the heat shrinkable film to see if the transparency of the heat shrinkable film is good, whether the color is bright, whether there is any damage, whether it is perforated, etc. 2. The heat-shrinkable film manufacturer reminds everyone, don’t forget to check the flatness of the heat-shrinkable film. You can pick a heat-shrinkable film at random to see if the heat-shrinkable film has wrinkles and signs of shrinkage. 3. Another thing is to look at the outer packaging of the heat-shrinkable film, look at the surface of the product name, manufacturer, date, quantity and other information, and the surface should be smooth, clean and free of dust. Previous: Standardization of the composition of PE heat shrinkable film Next: The essence of PVC is a vacuum blister film
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