Heat shrinkable film label | PVC shrink film label Liben packaging printing design

by:HYF     2021-03-04
Heat shrink film label|PVC shrink film label Liben packaging printing design Release time: 2018-07-04 1. Heat shrink film label and its characteristics Heat shrink film label is a film label printed on plastic film or plastic tube with special ink . In the process of labeling, when heated, the shrinking label will quickly shrink along the outer wheel of the container and cling to the surface of the container. 1. The benefits of heat shrink label packaging (1) Heat shrink packaging can pack special-shaped products that are difficult to pack by general methods, such as vegetables, meat and poultry, aquatic products, toys, small things, small electronic products, etc. (2) The heat shrink film has high transparency, so the label is bright and glossy. (3) The heat-shrinkable film is tightly attached to the product after being compressed, and the packaging is compact and can express the surface shape of the product, and the packaged product is elegant. (4) The heat shrinkable film can provide a 360-degree decoration for the packaging container, and can print product information and other product information on the label, so that consumers can understand the performance of the product without opening the package. (5) The shrink film has good abrasion resistance and high strength, ensuring that it can bear the weight of the contents. Printing (pictures and texts in the film sleeve) can protect the imprint, and the label has better wear resistance. (6) The heat-shrinkable packaging has good sealing, moisture-proof, anti-fouling and anti-rust effects, which can prolong the life of food, facilitate storage, convenient storage, and reduce storage area. Heat shrink film label: Design--plate making--printing--slitting--gathering the palms--cutting off Previous: What is a heat shrinkable film?
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