How to prevent leakage and scorching during the production of PVC heat shrinkable film

by:HYF     2021-03-05
In the production process of PVC heat shrinkable film, how to prevent leakage and scorching Release time: 2017-05-31 During the production process of PVC heat shrinkable film, it is impossible to guarantee absolutely no leakage of PVC material on each connecting surface of the die. It is difficult to produce continuously, especially for rotating die. The only way is to use silicone rubber gaskets on the connecting surface. Silicone rubber can stay at 250 for a long time. Used under C, can withstand 350 in a short time. C's high temperature. In the production process of PVC heat shrinkable film, the processing temperature of rigid PVC shrinkable film is 185~195℃, and the stretching temperature can be carried out in boiling water, or it can be carried out at 100~120℃ in a hot drying tunnel with electric heating and linear heating. , After the thick film is extruded, it can be naturally cooled to 100-120°C and then inflated in the transverse direction, and stretched by the longitudinal traction block roll to become a two-way heat shrinkable film. When PVC heat-shrinkable film is used for container heat-shrinkable standard or wire and cable heat-shrinkable joint, it only needs to be oriented in one direction, and then it is cut in the shrinking direction and then sealed with a solvent to form a shrink sleeve. The solvent formulation is as follows:   (one)xylene 50%  tetrahydrofuran 50%  (two) methyl ethyl ketone 50%  toluene 25%  chloroform 25%  (three)tetrahydrofuran 80%  acetone 5%    carbon disulfide 5% 50%   ethyl acetate 50%  (五)tetrahydrofuran 65%  dimethylformamide 35%http:///, PVC heat shrinkable film Previous: Functional requirements for heat shrinkable labels
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