Ops heat shrinkable film label-talk about the printing process of ops heat shrinkable film

by:HYF     2021-03-06
ops heat shrinkable film label-talk about the printing process of ops heat shrinkable filmRelease time: 2018-06-13 ops heat shrinkable film label-talk about the printing process of ops heat shrinkable film ops heat shrinkable film? idu003d488 as heat shrinkable film For labels, during the printing process, the shrinkage deformation cannot be stopped, and sometimes it is even more tense, and the shrinkage deformation of the difference bias and position may be different. Therefore, how to make a plan for the shrinkage deformation deviation of graphics and bar codes before printing is the difference between making compact labels and other printed materials. The following is a brief analysis just like that. At present, the printing of heat shrinkable film labels mainly adopts gravure printing and solvent-based inks. Due to the high precision of gravure printing plates, the printing quality of gravure printing on the film is the best among all printing. The thickness of the ink layer is strong and the three-dimensional impression is strong. Rich levels. Moreover, the printing plate has a high printing resistance rate, which is suitable for long-press work, and the printing volume of the label is always relatively large, so gravure printing is more suitable. However, the gravure printing is complicated, the cycle is long, the cost is high, and it is easy to pollute. The second is flexographic printing. With the development of flexographic plate making and printing skills, the printing colors are clear, with the richness and high gloss of gravure, and the use of water-based inks for flexo printing is beneficial to environmental protection. Therefore, environmental protection requirements have improved. Flexographic printing will have greater applications. In addition, offset printing and digital printing also have certain application areas to meet the specific needs of customers. Although heat shrink labels are growing fast in China, they are not as popular as other labels. Heat shrink labels are not as popular as self-adhesive labels because they occupy a large number of advantages. The reason is that they do not have too many stagnations that are difficult to overcome. In order to attract the curiosity of the printing industry; in addition, the overall level of heat shrink labels is low, and the limitations in market expansion and process development are also the reason for its bad reputation. However, judging from the current application status of heat shrink labels, this kind of label will be used more and more, but the situation will not change, only the material will be improved, and it will become more environmentally friendly, and the future trend will be environmentally friendly. Prefer to grow. Related recommendation: ops heat shrinkable film ops heat shrinkable film label Previous: What factors affect the quality of heat shrinkable label?
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