Physical and chemical properties of pvc heat shrinkable film

by:HYF     2021-03-06
The physical and chemical properties of pvc heat shrinkable film Release time: 2018-04-19    The permeability and separation performance of pvc heat shrinkable film are related to each other, which is the main indicator of the processing capacity of the separated medium. Generally speaking, it is hoped that after reaching the required separation rate, the greater the flux of the separation membrane, the better. The permeation performance firstly depends on the chemical characteristics of the pvc heat shrinkable film material and the morphological structure of the separation membrane; operating factors also have a greater impact, and it follows the potential difference of the separation process (such as pressure difference, concentration difference, potential difference, etc.) When it becomes larger and increases, the effect of the color effect on the membrane permeability is much greater than that on the separation performance. Many membrane separation processes have a linear relationship with the pressure difference within a certain range. 'Physical and chemical stability' 'Physical and chemical stability of pvc heat shrinkable film The physical and chemical stability of the film mainly depends on the material constituting the film, that is, it is determined by the chemical properties of the film material. The physical and chemical stability of the membrane mainly include heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chlorination resistance, antimicrobial decomposition, surface properties (chargeability or surface adsorption, etc.), hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, and electrical properties , Toxicity, mechanical strength, etc.  Economy  The economy of pvc heat shrinkable film occupies a very important position in practical applications. The price of pvc heat shrinkable film cannot be too expensive, otherwise it cannot be used in production. The price of pvc heat shrinkable film depends on two aspects: material and manufacturing process.   pvc heat shrinkable film has the characteristics of heat shrinkage, pvc heat shrinkable film will shrink once heated, so as to tightly cover the surface of the packaged goods. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high strength, good transparency, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-pollution ability, and excellent electrical insulation performance.  Pvc heat shrinkable film can be used for insulation packaging of electrical and electronic components (such as the outer packaging of dry batteries); packaging of general items and packaging that contact food. Using it as a packaging material can not only simplify the packaging process and reduce the packaging volume, but also because the shrinking transparent film tightly wraps the packaged item, it can clearly show the color and shape of the item, so pvc heat shrinkable film is widely used in commodity packaging on. Previous: POF heat shrinkable film with advantages in one
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