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Types of PETG Shrink Film HYF Manufacture

Types of PETG Shrink Film HYF Manufacture


Types of PETG Shrink Film HYF Manufacture

1. What is the PETG shrin film?

PETg (polyethylene terephtalate glycol) is a film with a high strength ratio and excellent clarity. While PET is the most heat resistant shrink sleeve material, it is the most scuff resistant, has an higher gloss, and also has an high shrink percentage. Additionally, it can be recycled. Thanks to its unique properties, PETG shrink film has great advantages over PVC shrink film.

2. HYF's types of PETG shrink film

Transparent PETG heat shrinkable film

It is a PETG heat-shrinkable film grade combining high overall shrinkage, super transpancy and excellent printability. The favorable film toughness and shrinkage character combine to make a film suitable for a wide variety of container shapes.

White opaque PETG heat shrinkable film

It is a white, glossy, high-shrinkage PETG film. Our white PETG shrink film provides light-blocking, extended shelf life, color protection and off-taste reduction in a higher-gloss film.

Matte PETG heat shrinkable film

Designed to enhance your product with a rich, matte finish and pleasing colors, this High-Yield PETG shrink film extends the "paper look" into a full 360° label decoration. The film's crisp matt appearancecomes from reflectance rather than conventional matt ink, making it easy to work with. Fully matt, this upscale film offers a sought-after alternative to the glossy, clear film currently on the market.

3. Different shrinkage of HYF PETG Shrink Film

In order to satisfy the requirements of the markets and the customers, HYF manufactures and provides different shrinkage for each kind: Low shrinkage, Middle shrinkage, High shrinkage.

Transparent PETG heat shrinkable film:

Low Shrinkage: <60%

Middle Shrinkage : 60%-70%

High Shinkage: >70%

White opaque PETG heat shrinkable film:Low Shrinkage: <60%

Middle Shrinkage : 60%-70%

High Shinkage: >70%

Matte PETG heat shrinkable film:Low Shrinkage: <60%

Middle Shrinkage : 60%-70%

High Shinkage: >70%

4. Where can our PETG shrink film be used?

Cup SleeveCup SleeveFull body SleeveFull body Tamper Sleeve
Full body Underlap SleevePartial SleeveTamper Evident SleeveTwin Pack Sleeve

5. Why to choose HYF as your supplier?

u 10 years PETG SHRINK FILM manufacturing history, Rich Experience.

u 500tons PETG SHRINK FILM monthly exportation volume, Prompt Delivery.

u ISO:9001:2008, Reach (SVHCI191), ROHS, Food Contact-Eu No. 102011 certified company, Satisfying Quality.

u 50,000 SQM factory, 2 BRUCKNER production line, 1 KAMPF cutting machine, Powerful Production Capacity.

u 6 months quality warranty policies, Your Best Supplier.

u Good package to protect the goods from damage.

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