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Our Types of PVC Shrink film/ PVC Heat Shrinkable Film for Shrink labels

Our Types of PVC Shrink film/ PVC Heat Shrinkable Film for Shrink labels



Our Types and Details of PVC Shrink film/ PVC Heat Shrinkable Film for Shrink labels

PVC Heat Shrinkable Label Film 

PVC blow shrink film is one kind of economic packaging material with good quality which is widely used in all kinds of packaging industry, Such as food, beverage and other daily use. 

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1. Specifications & Shrinkage:

1) Thickness: 32-70mic

2) Width: 60-1100mm

3) TD Shrinkage: 50-53% & 55-57%

4) MD Shrinkage: -1-3%

2. Production Process

Raw Material
100% new raw material, stable supplier with stable quality.
Raw Materials's mixture
4 sets automatic feeder meets the requirements of the production
Film Blown
During this process, the quality (Especially the thickness & shrinkage) will be controlled strictly by our technician according to the customers' requirement and product stardard.
3 cutting machines, each cutting machine could cut 7 tons per days.
All our film rolls are packed by insulation film for protecting the film from heat and are put horizontally above the pallet( suspended pallet package). Then each pallet is also coverd by insulation film.

All ready products will be kept in the air conditioned roos below 25℃.

3. Characteristics:

1) Excellent dimensional stability

2) Perfect machine-ability even with high speed machines

3) Excellent printability

4) Good Ink & Adhesive compatibility

5) Uniform & Consistent Shrink properties to enable 360 degree graphics suitable for Printed Sleeves/Labels

4. Usage of PVC heat shrinks film:

1) For shrink sleeves and tamper-evident bands

2) For wraparound, pressure-sensitive, and roll-on shrink-on labels

3) For shrink-wrap multi-packs packaging

5. Advantages of PVC heat shrink film:

1) Excellent product presentation

2) High clarity

3) Very good Lay-flat properties

4) Excellent shrinkage control

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6. Where have our PVC heat shrinkable film been exported to?

1) Turkey

2) Saudi Arabia

3) Brazil

4) Philippines

5) Indonesia

6) Kazakhstan

7) Ghana

8) Egypt


For PVC shrink film, we have two kinds of shrinkage: 50%-53% & 55%-57%, for the shrinkage of 55-57%, to some extent, it could be used instead of cast PVC shrink film in shrinkage,  maybe in flatness, blown PVC shrink film is not as good as that of cast PVC shrink film, but it is no problem in use. What's more, it could help you to reduce the cost. For our production's video, please refer to the following:

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