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What do you need to know about Biodegradable Shrink Film?

What do you need to know about Biodegradable Shrink Film?


Though the term ‘BIODEGRADABLE’ has become a common word in today’s society and most of manufacturers claim that their products are biodegradable when simply they are not, but HYF’S has been already at the forefront of their production of BIODEGRADABLE PLA shrink film, which is produced by using NATUREWORKS raw material and is biodegraded by industrial composting. 

So, what is the definition of biodegradable shrink films, and how can you tell if you’re being misled?

For shrink plastic films to be biodegradable, they must be able to decompose in the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms under natural conditions, producing water, CO2 and biomass by composting. 

What about ‘DEGRADABLE’ shrink films?

Do not mistake degradable shrink films for biodegradable shrink films. Degradable and oxo-degradable materials are no more than polymers derived in the normal way from oil where special additives have been added. This means that although degradable shrink plastics can somewhat break down, their molecular structure is still maintained and there is no change in their chemical compositions.

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