Which film material to choose to make heat shrinkable labels

by:HYF     2021-03-05
Which film material to choose to make the heat shrinkable label? Release time: 2017-06-29    From our production process, our PETG film and PVC film require basically the same printing ink, but this original PVC shrink film printing The adhesion of the ink to the PET surface will decrease slightly, but we generally only need to make slight adjustments to the white ink.  Heat shrinkable labels must meet the functional requirements of end users. This is the primary factor to be considered in label design, otherwise, the cost will be in vain. On the one hand, if the bottle type is a special-shaped bottle and the shrinkage rate needs to be higher than 70%, PETG film should be used. PVC film is only suitable for ordinary bottle types; on the other hand, the stiffness of PETG film and PVC film is significantly higher than OPS film. Therefore, if the appearance of the label requires a better hand feel, PETG film or PVC film should be used; in addition, the glossiness of the printed PETG film is also better than the other two films.  The cost of label materials is undoubtedly an important factor that both end users and label printing companies pay attention to. When it comes to material cost, people are often used to converting it into a price per ton to measure the price of materials, but a more scientific method should be to consider the material cost per unit area. In other words, the unit film cost (yuan/kg), film material density, and label thickness should be considered comprehensively.  Storage costs include the storage of film materials and the storage of finished labels. PETG film hardly shrinks below 60℃, so its transportation stability is very high, and it is more stable than PVC, and there is no problem in long-distance sea and land transportation.  OPS has relatively strict transportation requirements. Because of its natural shrinkage, heat preservation measures are generally required during transportation, such as foam insulation or refrigerated trucks. Not only that, the storage time of OPS film is also shorter. http://, heat shrinkable label Previous: Formula design of PVC heat shrinkable film
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