How about HYF Plastic Film independent R&D capabilities?
HUBEI HYF PACKAGING CO., LTD. is focused on research originality and technological innovation, to develop innovative and high-quality products for the industry. We carry our R&D management and stick to continuous skills development to keep on innovating in an environment where the technologies are constantly evolving and where we have to move fast to reach the markets. We also develope knowledge management programs that provide ongoing training for employees. In this highly competitive environment, we will pay special attention to protecting the intellectual property of our products and accumulating expertise in poly lactic acid film innovation.

With high quality, plastic film in HYF Plastic Film is well accepted by more and more customers. HYF Plastic Film's pvc shrink film is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The materials of HYF Plastic Film polyester shrink film are of the highest standards. The materials selection is strictly conducted in terms of hardness, gravity, mass density, textures, and colors. The clarity makes the graphics printed on the product highly eye-catching. This product is meaningful in cutting down people's energy consumption from the perspective of the financial and environmental viewpoint. The clarity makes the graphics printed on the product highly eye-catching.

We regard environmental protection as our first priority. We put into practice by cooperating with related companies, business partners, and employees.
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